Our Work

We operate daily checks on all wildlife in the City Centre. When we find animals that are too sick to survive on their own, we will arrange for a foster caregiver to lend a hand. When specialist veterinary skills are provided, we will send the animal to the SPCA professional vets, Wellington Zoo (for native wildlife) or to local vets, as circumstances dictate.

We are also proud to undertake political activism to help promote a more ethical treatment of all animals in New Zealand and not just the native ones. We operate on the philosophy that all lives are equal and worthy of respect and help, when it is obvious that help is required.

One of our major objectives is to network with existing sanctuaries and similar charities and to provide assistance to these whenever we are able to. We also strongly encourage individuals across New Zealand and across the globe to make a stand against any form of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect and are happy to offer assistance to them, when required.