About Us

We were formed in 2004 under the name Wellington Anti-Cull Coalition and this was in response to the Wellington City Council's plans to cull (by shooting) the pigeons in the City. Despite outcries from the public and the likes of the SPCA and PETA International, the Public Health Department at our local Council were determined to have the birds killed. In addition to our objections on ethical grounds, there was sound scientific evidence that linked culling to an eventual increase in population numbers. After several months of campaigning, we managed to stop the plans to cull and have been since campaigning for the use of ethical and economically sustainable solutions to the perceived problems of pigeons and other urban dwelling animals.

We were formally established in February 2013 and have been growing in strength ever since. If you would like to join our team of caregivers to Wellington's wildlife, send us an email letting us know of any specialist skills that you may have so that we know to call on you as circumstances require.