Image: the expectant tui by Rosino

Mission Statement

Wildlife has found a huge number of ecological niches in and around the urban areas created by humans, but those niches come with risks to the animals that they are unable to deal with. Care and Rescue of Urban Wildlife - CRUW - is based in Wellington, New Zealand, set up to address a current lack of daily care and guardianship of urban wildlife.

Our aim is also to provide resources to the public not previously available that address concerns over sick and injured urban wildlife. We will be available for the public to call on when they find any sick or injured wildlife 24 hours per day, and provide immediate assistance; see the Our Work page for more information. CRUW will also monitor the ongoing health of urban wildlife and remove diseased animals from the environment to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

To achieve our aims we are operate daily checks of city wildlife. Sick and injured wildlife will also be transferred to the SPCA for treatment or to existing sanctuaries to receive ongoing care. On a daily basis we will be providing first aid to city wildlife, primarily birds, when required. For more information about our day to day activities, see the Our Work page.